The world is full of crazy people, places, actions, events, etc., and we often associate ‘crazy’ with something negative, but I honestly believe ‘crazy’ can be a wonderful thing… I have learned that crazy can be passionate, driven, caring, nurturing, friendly, endearing, intelligent, worldly, and above all else, some of the best that life has to offer, yes, crazy can be a very good thing indeed. Apple did a ad campaign called “Think Different” it gave us images of people that have changed our lives, I want to do a group of photos in time that promote the same concept “Rethink Parrot”. Over time, I will be posting images of people that have approved me using their photos, these are the people I feel have changed all of the lives they have come in contact with, and definitely for the better.

The avian community is full of ‘crazy’ people, people that are challenging ideas, expressing new concepts, changing the tide, and helping those that have intelligence but at times have no voice or say in their lives of environment, many caged birds are just that, and the crazies have pushed that and proven there is so much more to companion parrots. Crazy in cases like this is Genius! The crazies have pushed us to rethink the old and bring forward new ideas, the crazies have given us a new way of thinking, the crazies have substantiated the way we do things. The crazies get up in the morning and think of new ways to enrich their birds lives and the lives of other people’s birds, the crazies are determined to make a difference and we are lucky to know these people—very lucky!

FaceBook has changed our lives, sometimes for worse, but depending upon how we use it, it can be for the better, we have a new way of communicating with others that we may have never been able to in the past, we cross paths with people and extend a hand in friendship and we all benefit from learn new things, that in my opinion is the best reward from being on FaceBook. I have come in contact with many that I truly consider a gift to humanity, who have changed my thinking, and in return I pay it forward the best I can, by helping promote their ideas, at times bringing my thoughts into an issue, and ideally some feathered souls will benefit.