As promised, a series has begun, a series highlighting those that I feel have changed, are changing and will continue to change the way we look at our lives with companion parrots. Eventually, when I complete the series, the final will be a collage of all of them and a single word, Genius will be the statement…

Patricia Sund is a great friend, a gifted author and speaker and just an all-around great person. She has made many of us think, laugh, cry, or just stood in awe of her energy, the dynamo in black makes an impact on all. Patricia has made one word a nutritional statement Chop! As can be seen on various boards, publications, etc., the concept has caught on and is evolving. The concept is practical and fun. Patricia, my dear friend, Thank You!!!

Please do not copy these images without permission, I asked those that I am highlighting for the use of their photo and I hope those that are reading this blog will respect my intentions and efforts.