I’m back!! Sometimes we lose our focus, we all do some time or another, but most of the time, we find it again, that has been my life recently. So many issues and events taking me in different directions, so many people and politics coming into play, and I went along with it—until now.

Perhaps one of the most important events was the adoption of Rigby, our little Blue and Gold macaw. As some of you know, Rigby came to us in strange way, but she has been welcomed and loved by us—she has brought me such joy and she has also opened my eyes.


What are my key beliefs? Avian (psitticine) education, gay rights, gun rights, and that we all need to follow our hearts to be happy. In the avian community, I am not anti-breeder, I am a moderate, I just don’t think we need another thousand Blue and Gold Macaws or Umbrella Cockatoos to be hatched when we have so many in dire need of good homes. Gay rights, well, yes, I think we need to acknowledge the fact that gay relationships are just a solid as heterosexual ones and that we need equality for everyone. Gun rights—guns don’t kill, people kill! Take the gun away and a person will find another way, trust me, we have all seen it! The last is obvious, find your drum, create your tune, and play it so people will listen.

Every time I see a photo of ad for Arizona I long to be there again and in the months ahead I will be working on making it happen, my heart is already there—now I just need to get the rest of me there. I also know that I am gonna have to make some decisions in the upcoming days that may be not to fun to make, but in the long run, beneficial in the long-term goal.

So now what? It’s time for me to focus again, and keep my goals in sight. I need to focus on Arizona and those big blue skies and creating a life there, one that will allow me to bring together all my beliefs and allow for my twilight years, when they arrive. I may not be readily available at times, but once I am relocated, things will be back to the same and even better. Bear with me friends…